What is Sustainability?

What is Sustainability

There are many theories about global warming, but the truth is that humans are consuming more energy today than ever before. In fact, since the industrial revolution there has been such a large population expansion that there are too many people on earth for the planet to sustain its current level of consumption. At the current rate the planet will be unable to meet the requirements of humans in only a few years, which makes sustainability a very important concept. Many people have already tried to start producing goods and living their lives in sustainable ways. However, many people will still wonder, what is sustainability?

In the modern world, sustainability is one of the most important tasks a person can undertake. In general terms, the answer to “what is sustainability?” is simple and it’s really just about living our lives so that we don’t consume more natural resources than the world, or more accurately – you, can produce.

The earth is full of organisms that co-exist and produce different benefits for the existence of the planet. Without many of these organisms the planet would slowly decay and human consumption will have been the main culprit. Unfortunately, there are a number of species and habitats that have already been ruined by human interaction and consumption on the earth.

Human Sustainability Practices

One of the main ways that some people practice sustainability is by consuming only things that are produced by you. For example, if you wanted to have a salad than you might grow a garden in your backyard in order to help you with the vegetables that you need. While it is difficult to attain this level of sustainability, it is better to try this way rather than to consume enormous amounts.

Sustainability for the Earth

There are a number of reasons why the question of what exactly is sustainability, is so important. Many humans do not even realize that they have been consuming in such a capacity that could ruin the earth within a matter of a few years. This lack of knowledge is exactly why the problems continue to persist.

Those who do not know about the sustainability problems in the world are doomed to continue producing offspring at an unsustainable rate. Already there has been exponential growth in the world population of humans over the past few decades. Some countries alone now have billions of people whereas the entire planet did not used to have that many.

So if somebody asks you “what is sustainability?” you have to have a reasonable answer that will educate them. The movement to live more sustainable lives has grown rapidly over the past few years as species have died off and habitats have been ruined. Pollution and a lack of energy efficiency has really made it difficult for the earth to continue providing humans with the same kind of life that it once good. It is imperative that sustainable practices be started all over the United Kingdom and the world in order to help the planet and plan for the future of humankind.