The humble straw bale can provide an incredible level of insulation for the sustainable builder

For many years straw has always been a bi-product that was not used effectively. Due to the popularity of the sustainable movement there have been great strides to utilise straw as a building material for people all over the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. There are uses for straw for construction purposes and insulation, which makes it a versatile option in comparison with fibreglass and many other materials that are not sustainable. Additionally, straw is an incredibly cheap option for people who want to build their homes on a budget. There is nothing better than maintaining a budget and still helping the environment tremendously as well.

Straw Bales Construction

In many cases straw bales are created in order to provide construction materials for certain projects. Simple homes can be created with straw bales and even more sophisticated buildings can use the bales for some areas. Although the strength is lacking in comparison with some other materials, if made correctly, the bales of straw can actually provide great protection against the elements. More importantly, they can provide the necessary construction benefits with sustainable methods rather than using out of date products that are harmful to the environment and the overall goals of sustainability.

There are a number of homes, including upper-scale buildings, that have been built purely with straw bales. There is a higher susceptibility to rot when using straw as a sustainable material, but the availability, cost, and renewable resource all make it worth the effort and risk.

Straw as Insulation

While construction is certainly possible on some smaller scales, it is often a good idea to use straw as insulation at the very least. Compared with many different forms of insulation that are currently used, straw is much more effective because it can be packed much tighter than others. Nonetheless, it has not received the level of praise that it should, given the unique capability to seriously enhance the energy efficiency of a home.

Sustainable materials are an important aspect of constructing in a responsible manner, but so is energy efficiency. People who have homes build out of sustainable materials are not helping if they must spend large amounts of energy in order to heat or cool buildings. Instead, using straw can provide a great insulation that will make the goals of sustainability easier to realize.

Sustainable Material – Straw

There are many reasons to use sustainable materials in order to build your home. Using straw to build the home completely will save you a lot of money, but will also offer you the ability to protect the environment and embark on the task of maintaining sustainability in your life. However, for those who would like to take less risk and use straw for insulation over traditional methods, then that is a great alternative as well.

The insulation is perfect because it can increase the sustainability of a home while also working on energy efficiency. Protecting the earth and environment are the ultimate goals of sustainability, which is why straw is so useful.