Although hemp has gotten a lot of publicity for producing marijuana, it is actually one of the most useful sustainable materials nature has to offer. The plant fibers are immensely important for use in many projects around the United Kingdom and even the world today. There are many different uses for hemp in sustainable construction, which is why it is such an important and useful material. Below we will offer a brief introduction into the different uses for hemp and why it has become such a popular building material. Hopefully it will help you to make a conscious effort to follow the sustainable movement.

Hemp as Insulation

Even though hemp is actually a plant, it has extremely fibrous roots. These roots can be used in a number of ways, but many people have started to use hemp for insulation. Although they are not strong enough to provide a solid wall or foundation in most situations, they are used as insulation that can make the home a more sustainable and energy-efficient property.

Not only can the plant be used as insulation, but there are many different ways it can be done. First of all, there is a hemp fiber board that can be created as a thin and useful piece of insulation. There are also uses for the fiber in thermal insulation in the form of blocks. The possibilities are truly endless because of the ease of use and the reliability under pressure.

In the United Kingdom an entire home was built out of hemp-based materials, which is one of the first and most sophisticated in the world. It is a precursor for many of the good things that are to come due to the use of hemp.

Fabric and Hemp Rope

While the hemp can certainly be used as insulation and solid structures as mentioned previously, there are also fabric and rope items that can be built with the plant as well. Many different types of rope have historically been made of hemp. Currently there is less of a need for hemp rope and fabric, but it is still an important part way to utilize this great fiber.

Building with Hemp

There are a number of great things that can be built with hemp because it is such a strong and fibrous plant. Solid blocks and insulation can be created in order to make the home more energy efficient. Additionally, there are a number of methods that the insulation could be created in order to do this.

The most important thing is that hemp be used as much as possible. Building an entire home out of hemp can be very difficult and is not advised outside of the novelty homes built in the United Kingdom. However, using as much hemp as possible will go a long way to making your home more sustainable. More importantly, you will be doing a great favor to the earth for using a sustainable energy source. Choose hemp and your home and the world will be better places because of it.