Coconut Palm

Coconut Palm

As the sustainable movement continues there have been many new discoveries for products that can be used in ways that were never imagined. For example, in the United Kingdom there are a number of buildings that now use coconut palm as a sustainable material for flooring. Although coconuts were discovered long ago, modern science has made it possible to take these sustainable products and make them work well in buildings. This way there are not too many energy intensive productions that need to go on in order to construct buildings anymore.

Why Coconut Palm is Good

Unlike many other types of wood that are harvested for production in homes, coconut trees can actually grow rapidly within only a few years. Usually the trees take 5-6 years to become ready to bear fruit, which is great for producers of sustainable lumber.

Another reason why coconut palm is so fantastic for production and use in the home is that only the oldest trees are harvested and used. None of them bear fruit at 60 – 80 years old, which means that they would be dying soon anyway. These two factors help the sustainability aspect of coconut palm for use in the house for flooring or other aspects of the house.

In addition, the costs for coconut palm are greatly reduced in comparison with many of the other woods. Teak is one wood that is average to expensive in cost in the United Kingdom, but coconut palm is even cheaper than that. More importantly, even though it is a cheap wood to use, coconut palm is comparable to mahogany when it comes to the hardness.

Overall, wood made from the palm of coconut is a great sustainable option that is perfect for any home. It is cheaper than many of the other products available, but it still is a hard material that will do the job properly. More importantly, it is sustainable because they use dead wood that bears no more fruit and new plants can bear fruit quickly.

Sustainability Material – Coconut Wood

Although many sustainability movements fizzle out because they are not economical, the coconut palm wood is perfect for consumption in comparison with many other types of materials that still exist. Mahogany and other types of heavy woods not only cost a lot of money, but they are also cleared using unsustainable methods without any thought to regeneration.

Unfortunately, this is the world that we live in. However, with the help of material purchasers there can be major changes to the way manufacturers produce their goods. Buying coconut wood from the palm tree will show them that you favor sustainability over their products. It shouldn’t be much of an option given the fact that the palm is cheaper than anything else they are able to use. Nonetheless, making a point of buying this new type of coconut wood will go a long way to change how manufacturers continue to destroy the earth. Send them a message by using a cheaper, better quality, and more sustainable product.