Sometimes evolving technologies isn’t the best way to maintain a sustainable population in the world. For centuries people used adobe structures to build homes and other buildings. While it was considered primitive to more advanced technological powers, it was a much more sustainable building material than many others that are still in use today. There are many ways to use adobe to build sustainable constructs and we will use the following article to help introduce you to some of the finer aspects of the material. Hopefully this will help you promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Using Adobe as a Material

Adobe is probably one of the most sustainable elements that can be used to construct buildings. It is made from clay and dirt, which are abundant in the earth and do not require a lot of processing in order to harvest. Other natural materials, such as straw or even dung, can be added to the clay in order to harden and insulate it better.

Although adobe is not necessarily something that can be taken out of the ground, it is a very simple process that makes it even more useful for an environmentally friendly building. In order to make adobe bricks one must mix water with the clay and other items until it can be shaped into a solid block. Rather than using the concrete red bricks, adobe is an awesome alternative that will be the exact thing that your house needs to be more energy efficient and sustainable.

Insulation with Adobe

For people who are a little more worried about using adobe to build their constructs, it can also be used for insulation. Many parts of traditionally built houses are poorly insulated, which leaves them susceptible to energy inefficiencies. Spending more money on energy costs can be avoided by simply using adobe for insulation in the house.

In addition to saving money, this is also beneficial for the planet. It is a sustainable practice to cut the usage of fossil fuels and other energy sources that are bad for the environment. For this reason, using adobe as insulation is not only cheap and cost effective, but it is also great for the environment. These are both things that anyone involved in the sustainable movement would appreciate.

Nonetheless, many people do not use adobe because it seems like a primitive way to insulate or construct a building. This mindset is outdated and should be quickly reversed in society. Thankfully, the sustainable movement has made great strides in the past few decades to help people overcome their prejudices to many environmentally friendly materials.

Change the World with Mud

As strange as it sounds, a large effort to use adobe rather than other building materials could actually do a lot to save the environment and provide people with sustainable living and working quarters. In effect, using the mud that is offered in the ground can go a long way and also is more cost effective than many of the other alternatives that exist today.